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Woah, what’s this gonna be? Monster fight?

Woah, what’s this gonna be? Monster fight?

Prenatal Comics Pages

It’s about tribal man, cosmogonic cycles, and power armor! How will it fit on 24 pages?? I don’t even know.



Towering Toad
HD 13 (52 HP)
AC 5 or 16
Attacks: Bash x2 (2d10)
Attack bonus as a level 10 fighter
Movement: 50 ft, Swim 50 ft
Special: Grab and Bite, arcane gem

This poor guy was probably a mad science experiment gone wrong. Now he just hangs around, being big, stealing cattle.

The TT mainly kills for food, but he will attack any intelligent creature on site. His simple battle tactic is to bash targets with his two fists, although he can also forgo one or both fist attacks and grab a target instead (regular attack roll). Grabbed creatures can try to escape on their turn (Strength check with a -5 penalty). If the TT starts a turn with a creature in hand, it will bite down on the target. The bitten creature gets a saving throw versus death to prevent being bitten in half. If the save is successful, the victim takes 2d10 damage instead.

The TT’s abomidable existance is owed to a magical stone on it’s forhead. If the TT is slain, the stone can be removed. The stone can be sold for up to 5,000 gold coins. Otherwise, it’s magical essence can be absorbed by a wizard who grinds it up and drinks it. The said wizard must make a save vs poison or be horribly sick for 2d10 days (-2 all rolls). Said wizard gains 400 experience.



Huge Alligator/Spider
AC 18 or 2
HD 8 (32 HP)
Attacks: Claw (d10), Tail (d10) and Bite (d10)
Attacks as a level 8 Fighter
Movement: 40ft
Special: Immune to mind affecting-magic, bone-crushing jaws, corrosive gas, grappling tongue, surprised less often (-3 in 6 chance)

A nasty critter that looks like a crab and a dinosaur shoved together in a hap-hazard way. It is constantly hungry, and will be actively looking for food when it is encountered. Upon contact, the Huge Alligator/Spider bears down on it’s prey and unleashes it’s corrosive breath.

The Huge Alligator/Spider seems to set it’s priority for the most heavily armored foe it can find, and will focus on those enemies. It will use it’s bone-breaking bite on these characters, expecting them to be the most dependent on their bodily strength. Once the opposing side’s toughs have been weakened, and it’s collective armor class reduced, the HA/S will pick the remainder apart with it’s full attacks, utilizing it’s tongue grapple to tie up threatening enemies.

It is also said that the HA/S carries with it a terrible curse. There are legends of survivors returning from an encounter with horrible wounds that refuse to be repaired by medicine or magic…

The creature’s long tongue can perform a grapple attack any turn it does not use it’s bite. If a character is grappled, it must use it’s turn to break free. If the HA/S begins it’s turn with prey already tongue-grappled, it can make a bite attack on that creature at ignoring it’s Dexterity and shield bonus to AC and gaining +2 attack.

The bite of the creature breaks bones and crushes muscles. In addition to 1d10 points of damage, it causes 1d6 points of Strength loss that must be recovered as hitpoints.

The HA/S can forgo it’s normal attacks to fire a corrosive breath from it’s mouth. This is a cone, 100 ft wide at it’s extremity, that does 1d4 damage to anything caught inside. In addition to this, all armor (metal or natural) is corroded, loosing 1 (or gaining 1, depending on system) AC value each time.

The most terrifying ability of this monster is it’s cursed nature. Healing the damage it caused with any of it’s attacks will fail (though damage recieved from other sources is recovered as normal). If using magic or devine power to save the victim, the healer will feel the unatural curse of the creature, and will be adverse to making any further attempts. The healer will deduce that only very strong magic can heal the wounds. Most likely seventh level or higher.